Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Silent Stars Go By

   I realized last year what a weirdo I was when I was singing the line of  "O Little Town of Bethlehem" that goes 'the silent stars go by' and this is what I thought of:

Billie Dove hogged  almost all the toys, but luckily...
Baby Peggy and...

Clara Bow each got a doll.

Colleen Moore sang carols and

Gloria Swanson decorated while

Mary Pickford directed traffic.

Joan wanted to go to Pickfair, but Mary
didn't think her outfit was appropriate.
Joan did manage a quiet dinner with Doug Jr. though.
   While looking for publicity pictures, I didn't really find any with male stars.  I guess they didn't have to put up with as much ridiculous posing, so instead here's a picture of Valentino who I wish was cooking spaghetti for me this Christmas:

   Here are a few more fun pictures I found:

Mary Pickford

Gloria Swanson looking sad

Swanson, again
   Merry Christmas!

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