Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Day Classic/Silent Movie Challenge: Day 1

  Movies Silently came up with a 30 day challenge so here is my answer for Day 1.  They are all super cool ideas, just fyi.

Day 1: Best Classic or Silent Film You Have Seen in the Last 12 Months


This serial is awesome.  Judex is my favorite superhero.  He is a really fascinating character.  There are some really interesting other characters.  One thing that I loved about this serial is that the female characters are all so multi-dimensional (a disappointingly rare thing for action movies.)

like when this chick saves Judex

and it has Musidora


  1. Hey there! I am delighted to have a partner in my 30 Day Challenge and your choice for the first day is absolutely marvelous. I will be launching my posts on 7/7 (shameless self-plug) but I am greatly enjoying yours!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I am looking forward to reading your answers.