Saturday, October 13, 2012

Favorite 5: Actresses (in rough order)

5.  Teresa Wright: Teresa Wright excelled at roles that were so appropriate for postwar America; a regular girl but with a core of iron and someone you could imagine as a best friend.  She worked with the best directors of her time and was respected by all.  Favorite Film Roles: "The Best Years of Our Lives", "The Little Foxes" and "Shadow of a Doubt".
The New Face of Post War America
4.  Irene Dunne: Great at melodrama and screwball comedy. What more could you ask for? Favorite Film Roles: "Love Affair", "I Remember Mama" and "The Awful Truth"
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3.  Ginger Rogers: the All-American girl, the working girl with several wisecracks up her sleeve.  Favorite Film Roles: "42nd Street", "Top Hat", and "Stage Door".
Rogers and Hepburn face off

2.  Myrna Loy: The perfect wife but so much more than that title would indicate.  Although it doesn't seem to be mentioned often, she also had a great airy voice that could say lines in such a lovely way.  Favorite Film Roles: "The Best Years of Our Lives", "The Thin Man" and "Libeled Lady".
Mr and Mrs Thin Man
1.  Clara Bow: the ultimate flapper and my all time favorite actress (at least she has been for several months.)  Also she had the saddest personal life I have ever heard about. (Read David Stenn's "Runnin' Wild")  Favorite Film Roles: "It" and "Kid Boots".

The One and Only It Girl

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